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EN-SK/6000 clichés Plate-Making Etching Machine
The EN-SK6000 etching machine especially be recommended to use in the pad printing plate making etching work. It is easy to operate and the etch depth can be control by the machine work time controler system, instead of the worker's experience, it will make the etching quality keep stable and better.

This machine can apply to etch all different steel material pad printing cliches, including the carbon steel, chrome steel, oil steel or stainless steel plates. It is a necessary important equipment in the modern printing plate making workshop!

[Machine Features:]
>> Specially design the up spraying nozzles and apply to the pad printing steel cliches etching work.

>> With the time-controlled and liquid thermostat system, ensure accurate etching depth and a very high presision patterns bottom to the etching image.

>> The spray nozzles and the plate holder staggered are swing during etching work, ensure the higher etching precision.

Main Voltage
Power Rating
Machine Size
Liquid Tank Capacity
Max.Etching Size