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EN-SK/6200 Down Spray Single sided Metal Etching Machine
Due to the tray-type design, the EN-SK/6200 etching machine is specially to etching the single-sided small metal parts, such as the metal brandss, watch shell, mobile phones accessories, glasses frames, the electron products metal keyboards, metal decorative pleces and many kinds of metal fittings,etc.

[Machine Features:]
>> This machine is suitable for high precision etching of iron, copper, carbon steel, chrome steel, stainless steel, aluminum etc.

>> The chemical liquid spray from up to down, and the work pleces no matter big or small can be easily put on the work tray without any jigs, very easy to operate.

>> During etching work, the spray nozzles and the etching tray both are swing moving, thus make the etching quality achieve very high precision.

>> The etching time controller and the liquid thermostat ensure the etching depth accurate and stable.

>> Esay operate and low investment for this machine.

Main Voltage
110V;  220V; 380V/50~60Hz
Power Rating
Machine Size
Max. Etching Size
Liquid Tank Capacity
Special size can be customiz to customers request.